Biography of Atsuo Kawamura

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Professor Atsuo Kawamura received the B.S.E.E., M.S.E.E., and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, in 1976, 1978, and 1981, respectively. In 1981 he joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Missouri-Columbia as a Postdoctoral Fellow, and he was an Assistant Professor there from 1983 through 1986. He joined the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Yokohama National University in 1986 as an associate professor, and he became a professor in 1996. He was a dean of College of Engineering between 2013 and 2015. He has become Professor Emeritus in 2019, and now he is a professor of endowed chair ( Power Electronics) at the same university. He has served to completion of 38 Ph.D. and 135 Master's Degree students. He holds 7 patents and has published more than 140 journal papers, 320 international conference papers, 580 domestic conference papers and 9 books.

His interests are mainly in power electronics, digital control, electric vehicles, robotics, and traction control. He received the IEEE IAS Transaction Prize Paper Award in 1988, and the Prize Paper Award of IEE of Japan in 1996, and the IEEE Industrial Electronics Transactions best paper award in 2001 and 2002 and EPE-PEMC Award in 2008. Dr. Kawamura became a Fellow of the IEEE in 2002 with the citation, "For Contributions to Real-Time Digital Feedback Control of PWM Inverters."

Dr. Kawamura is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan(IEE of Japan), and member of Robotics Society of Japan. He was the conference chairperson of the IEEE/IAS and IEEJ/IAS joint Power Conversion Conference (PCC-Yokohama) in 1993. He was an associate editor of IEEE Power Electronics Transactions from1995 to 2000. He was the program chair of the 2009 Robotics Society of Japan Annual Meeting, and was the conference Chair of IPEC-Sapporo-ECCE-Asia in 2010 and a president of IEE of Japan/IAS(Industry Application Society) in 2012-2013, and a conference chair of 2018 IEEJ IAS annual meeting (JIASC).

Last modified: July 19, 2021