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New student members at Kawamura Laboratory, regardless of their academic status, are encouraged to participate in the Chopper Circuit Contest (CCC) held every year during spring semester since 1999. This enjoyable and instructive competition involves five to ten participants and consists of an individual preparation of a chopper circuit according to the guidelines established by the organizing committee, composed by some of the previous participants. A chopper is a DC-DC converter, and in this contest it is to supply a suitable clean power to a DC motor. Since 2002, when FPGA-based control was introduced in the contest, participants have to enable their circuits to operate in both analog and digital modes.


After spending several hours to complete and test the circuit, participants are requested to submit a report as well. At the day of the contest, each person makes a short presentation about their project including the operation and efficiency evaluation. A judging committee formed by Professor Kawamura and other distinguished experts also rates the design/layout of the circuit. General audience also contributes to the selection process. The winner is decided according to overall performance. The award ceremony takes place after the final decision. The winner and other outstanding participants receive the prizes directly from Professor Kawamura as recognition for their efforts.

Hall of Fame

List of previous winners:

2006 - Kurita
2005 - Yamamoto
2004 - Takasu
2003 - Suzuki
2002 - Sugio
2001 - Asano
2000 - Sakamoto
1999 - Taneda

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