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The current research of this laboratory is in the field of

  • power electronics
  • digital control
  • biped walking robots
  • electric vehicles
  • traction control for Shinkansen
  • other related topics.

The area of the research interest is very wide, thus variety of research and education are being performed under the guide of Professor A. Kawamura.

This laboratory is made of 1 faculty member (professor), 2 secretary, 2 post-doctoral-fellow, 17 graduate students (6 in Ph.D program, and 12 in master program), and 5 senior undergraduate students (as of 2008/10/1). In Japan the laboratory is named after the professor of the laboratory.

This laboratory was established in August of 1986. Since then awarded degrees in this laboratory are 122 in BSEE, 74 in MSEE and 17 in PhD (as of 2008/10/1).

The laboratory is located in the five different sites. The main (Kenkyu-shitsu) is on the third floor in the ECE Bldg, and the second (Robo-beya) is on the fourth floor in the Fundamental Research Bldg, the third is in the University-Industry-Joint Research Bldg, and the fourth is on the second floor in Eco-Technology Laboratory, and the last one (Shin-Robo-beya) is in the second floor in the ECE Bldg.

This laboratory has approximately $200,000 of grants and contracts (average of 1993-1998), $400,000 (1999-2001), $200,000 (2002-3), $300,000 (2004-5), $200,000 (2006-8) and annually publishes approximately 40 papers in the domestic and/or international conferences and transactions.

See Research Topics of Kawamura Lab. for details 

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